Heavy weight VS Lightweight

In the Red corner, weighing in at an impressive 7 sticks of butter, 5 cups of sugar, and 3 tiers of floury goodness. With a 10-0 undefeated record by TKO, introducing the colossal Strawberry Champagne Cake.

In the Blue corner, Weighing in at a whopping 3.2 Oz. known for his light a chewy texture and his suave bougie appearance. Introducing the French Cruller!

A few weeks ago I made a cake for my old Pastor’s wife A’s birthday. I normally make my Soda cake for such events but i wanted to make a special one for A. I decided to swing for the fences on this one and attempt to make the cake from scratch. It’s been awhile since i made a cake from scratch, so I called in some back from my friend J Who has been professionally trained by the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) in baking. I was in good hands for sure. (Thanks J!)

This cake recipe at first glance looked like a piece a cake…Simple ingredients, but as i skimmed through the recipe i knew i was about to create a monster. Heres a link to the recipe The cake called out for 6 eggs, 8 cups of sugar, and 7 sticks of butter! freaking heart attack. Knowing all this i still went on.

Step by step following the directions i was was done with my layers.

Then after trimming and leveling the tiers the next step was to construct the levels and frost….Our first attempt resulted in over reducing our champagne…such a waste of champagne. We had to go to the store and grab another bottle, but we got it the 2nd time around. After a couple of hrs of prepping, mixing, and constructing we were done. I now know how to make a multiple tiered cake, apply the frosting, and reduce champagne. No pain, no gain i guess.

At the birthday party we all devoured the cake or should i say the heart attack cake….I apologize A if you read this post. You probably consumed a whole stick of butter that night. Happy birthday?

P.S. This post really had nothing to with French cruller’s other than the fact that it’s my favorite Doughnut and it’s the lightest pastry i know to help contrast the density of this cake, which weighed about 8lbs?

P.s.s.I should really proof read what i write but i’m really lazy and i’m about to go eat….. cheers!

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I love Food and I love taking Pictures!!!!
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